Human Transitional Behavior

in Time of Solar Excursion


Without a doubt, this millennium of illness is nerve playing for all. Modern human society is an exceptionally well built and influential playground which holds the habit of wearing us down to the end of our tether. The continuity of hard labour (by will or obligation); an ever-changing social apparatus (today’s modern societal tool-kit is shifting every 18 months, a drastic comparison to every 18,000 years, half million years ago), feeling that the Human comfort zone is shrinking, Availability Vs Accessibility, floods of immaterialism and materialism, to name a few. These serve as a constant reminder that our very subsistence relies on how well equipped we are to:

/ combat our daily doses of stress, anger, fear or boredom! what is Available Vs what is Accessible.

/ participate willingly to living experiences, satisfaction and content! what is Available Vs what is Accessible.

Earth Biosphere is in conflict with our modern way of Life and we must define the space within these environmental changes has the Human metabolism cannot thrive in both a state of growth and protection simultaneously. Hence, living on the Edge takes its full sense of meaning with no exception of Phenotypes or Social Group.

Naturally, questions can be asked. Why is so little is done to create an emotionally driven society? Is there an existing alternative to this human conundrum? Or do we have the abilities, either internally or externally to create such a thing ourselves? If so, where can we access this knowledge? 

Buster Benson Cognitive Bias Codex 2016


from WeTreat Logistic; Planet Earth offers ever morphing geological and atmospheric environments and your Natural Type of Environment or Eco-Type together with the type of Human Comfort Zone or C-Zone you live in provide with your first Data indicator, EX: Forest/Rural, Desert/Urban, Mountain/SubUrban. Human Beings are present in the majority of Earth Eco-Types. However, your living type of environment (Symbiot System or Eco-System) is in Symbiosis with Earth Ecosphere therefore where you are physically or Your geolocation at this specific time define your real time Ecosphere location thus allowing for Geospheric and Heliospheric data application and is define and quantify by the accessible and available Life sustaining elements EX: Air quality, Food and Water quality, Safety of Physic and Mind, types of Pollution(s) you have been exposed too and time of exposure. Your EcoSystem provide with your second Data indicator, their are 6 Human Ecosystem Types. . This complex Symbiosis is now entering in conflict with the past-modern attributes of Human living standard and a Human Civilization Infrastructure upgrade is necessary on a Planetary scale including General Hygiene Standard, Living Quality Standard, Infrastructure Salubrity Standard, etc, . Your general state of being or Homeostasis which you can record at your own volition with Your WeTreat P.A.S.S. Personal Assistant Serviced System at any given time provide the third Data indicator. WeTreat provide with a reading of these sets of data to better understand your day to day exposure and provide with Similarities and Differences when agglomerated in data. WeTreat Logistic task is to design Your real time information path.


Today Earth Bio-Marker’s are either corrupted or converted and cannot be considered reliable or usable. However Your Bio-Marker are entirely dependable on the Earth Biome, your daily bio-marker provides with surprising data’s when Individualized & Personalized, and the application of those data to Health, Wellness and Wellbeing support program are proven effective when used appropriately. Today demands in Personal Development Programs is quantum, and all share a common observation, the fastening compression of the Living Human Sustainable Space or Human Comfort Zone promote Living Stress and demand a more Individually adapted Individualize health, wellness and wellbeing attention, and by extension the development of Personal tools to efficiently recover, sustain or enhance yourself. WeTreat services are developed on a personal and private basis. Your goal is our focus, and our goal is to create a real-time solution and support you in overcoming day to day existential risks. WeTreat provides a supportive environment devoted to individualized programs focusing mainly on the types of environment analytics or Bio Marker you provide. From Your recorded habits and quality of awareness, which account for half of your Homeostasis stability, these Personal Bio Marker’s are Your Personal data, and identifying these Physical or Psyche Marker’s demands a very specific and personalize approach.


 There is no better time to transcend yourself, nature demands it! WeTreat is an open space for this experience. Transcendence requires preparation, guidance and devoted infrastructures, and of course, your will to experience it yourself.

Are these your first steps?

Are you about to conclude a program?

Are you making a decision for a longevity plan?

Or are you on your way to start a new life?

Following years of preparation, WeTreat Transcendence Programs offers the platform for anyone interested in new, more organic and less invasive solutions for transcending themselves.


We are aware that the most promising bio-specific products under development in the last 10 years are now entering our Life. Those which stand out among others can be known as ‘GenoTyping’, ‘Telomeres”, ‘CRISPR’ ‘Cognitive Resonance/Dissonance’, ‘Longevity Programs’ and ‘Technological Adjunct’ to name a few. Such methods are met with the task of improving our biological conditions, making them stronger and prolonging their function despite the hoops and bumps we encounter in our lives today.

The very good news is that the deficiencies generated by this obstacle course we call life can be addressed in a non-invasive way.

Consider this: Your Cognitive Senses are regulated by what you pay attention to, but your Environment, Real or Digital is made of variation non perceptible by any of these Cognitive functions, starting by how the Sun affect your Health to how pollutive some Human Environment can be without you noticing.

Consider this: Your Endocannabinoid System – responsible for regulating your body’s homeostasis, is now accessible. Research leading up to today confirms that major breakthrough are underway.

Consider this: Noticeable changes of Heliosphere proportion are now starting to show on your day to day Life, which media are you using to inform you of the Life sustaining capacity of your actual environment.

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