WeTreat programs segment key points.

NOTICE : There is strong sign of a new consummates and designer products revolution in the self care industry. However, most traditional consumer companies have not taken advantage of this shift in consumer needs, non Individually oriented Services. Data’s shows that Consumers want faster, easier, self-serviced ways to manage and improve their health & wellness and by extension their Life in relation with their Environments. A fast growing trend that will continue to increase in the coming decade, by 2027, it is estimated that 6+ billion smartphones and tablets will have a medical health app installed, all inquiring about Individual structured services.

OUR AIM: Demands in Alternative services Including Individual (phenotyping, sampling), or Health related insight (diagnosis, “second opinion”) or Social events (Seminars, Workshops, Retreats) is growing exponentially, yet demands for more traditional services (SPA, Physiotherapies, New Age, Outdoor Activities) as well as the latest development in the Industry of Wellness (Dietary Bio Supplement, Bio Lifespan extension) is augmenting in such a way that leading HR are converging/collaborating to capitalize on the expanding opportunity. WeTreat services provides with the resources to sustain your Homeostasis in resonance with your Lifestyle and living Environment.

AVAILABLE & ACCESSIBLE: As world leaders, high-performance businesses leaders recognize the potential and benefit of the expanded “Alternative” consummates services in the health & wellness market and are adapting their strategies to capitalize on it, a niche is opening up for Individually design services offering work and research ground to be shared between WeTreat programs Residents and their peers, offering real time, turnkey, Custom or Packaged Health, Wellness and Wellbeing logistical services.

INCOME VECTOR. The prime income vector of the platform comes from its Individual programs. The second vector is the Company Program R&D for which the Platform follows strict line of conduct in the selection and the making of its product and focus on Continental – Regional market for the development phase (6 to 9 month) promoting comprehensive Consummates and Designers products as well as identifying the Environmental changes to better assess your Life sustaining requirements.

a. Special Infrastructure for the Health & Wellness Industry.
b. Making of Health & Wellness program design.
c. Analysis & R&D Services strong Independent Identity.

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